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What is a Shock Absorber?

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Shock absorbers are an integral part of your vehicle suspension system that regulates movement and bouncing.


If you drive a Dodge Ram 1500 or any type of modern truck you know your smooth ride is the result of strong shocks and suspension system. However, you may not really know the answer to "what are shock absorbers?"   What you do need to know is that shock absorbers are instrumental to delivering that smooth ride and even traction that you have grown accustomed to while driving your favorite Dodge Ram 1500 or any pick up truck.


What Are Shock Absorbers?


So back to the basics, what are shock absorbers? Shock absorbers are an integral component of any suspension system because they are responsible for absorbing energy which in turn helps reduce your vehicle from bottoming out or bouncing awkwardly. Bumps or rough terrain naturally cause your vehicle to move, but shock absorbers counteract this action via a piston that allows the shock to remain stiff and prevent the body for your car from moving.

While the main function of shock absorbers remains the same, there are various types of shocks because all vehicles have different suspension systems and all drivers have different performance expectations. Some of the most common shock absorbers include:


  • Air shocks
  • Strut-type shocks
  • Conventional telescopic shocks


What is the Function and Purpose of Shock Absorbers?


To repeat, the main function of shock absorbers is to help control movement and reduce vehicle bouncing, but they serve other functions and purposes as well. In addition to remaining strong against movement, shock absorbers help reduce unwanted movements that are the result of under or oversteering. This not only herpes prevent rollovers, but can also help the Dodge Ram 1500 tires stay firmly affixed to the road while moving. The end result is better traction at all times in all terrains.


Why Do Shock Absorbers Matter?


While all Dodge Ram 1500 drivers (and any driver in general) wants a smooth ride and dependable performance, this isn't why you need to keep an eye on your shock absorbers. The real reason shock absorbers are an essential component of your suspension system is because they maintain the safety of your vehicle while on the road.


Proper shocks offer drivers increased stability and enhanced control even while traveling through rough road conditions or uneven terrains. In addition, high-performance shock absorbers help protect your suspension system and tires, therefore increasing their lifespans.


Do You Need New Shock Absorbers?


When you start to experience issues with shocks and suspension components you can generally feel the difference in your ride. For this reason, if your ride starts to feel too bouncy or too stiff, it is important to check the condition of your shocks to see if a replacement is in order.


Common signs you need new shock absorbers include:


  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel vibrating
  • High amounts of bouncing, diving, swerving, and/or bottoming out
  • Higher stopping distances
  • Nose diving when stopping
  • Fluid leaks around the shock absorber


What Makes a Good Shock Absorber?


There are dozens of shock absorbers, but you need a shock absorber that offers high performance and fits your Dodge Ram 1500's unique specifications. It also needs to be compatible with your current suspension. Air Delete offers a variety of high-end shock absorbers as part of our coil spring suspension conversion kits.


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