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Call Us Today! - 1-306-239-3939 | Mon - Fri: 9-5 PM

Switch Panels

Our Auxiliary switch relay kits are sold with the relay box, fuses and all necessary wiring.  You will need to purchase a button panel that matches the buttons you have on the top row of your existing switch panel.  The buttons that you currently have in the lower row will be replaced by the auxiliary buttons 1 through 5 as shown in the photos below.  This is perfect for installing accessories like light bars, light pods, bed lighting, horns, winch buttons, or any other 12V accessory while still maintaining a factory appearance.  You will not lose access to your heated/cooled seats or heated steering wheel as these can be accessed in the controls section of the radio screen.  Please find the matching panel below and note the part number as you will need one of these to complete your kit.  We do not sell these, however the part numbers are provided for ease of reference - you can purchase these at your local RAM dealer, or many online parts websites.

To purchase an auxiliary switch relay kit, please see our Auxiliary Switch Panel Product Page.

Please note that only the part numbers found on this page are compatible with our relay boxes.